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Emisstar LLC is an environmental consulting practice focused on mobile emissions technology, policy, and implementation. Considering business and public health, the company focuses on reducing and controlling air pollutants from mobile sources using technology and minding relevant policy impacts and implications. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, but with offices in New Hampshire, New York and California, the firm's services range in scope from regional to national, offering clients in both the public and private sectors with in-depth of knowledge clean air markets and insight into many levels of emissions-related areas of industry and government.

Practice areas and services

Emisstar offers services that aim to reduce emissions through grant programs, project management, applied technology while also finding opportunities for diversification, penetration, and expansion in clean air markets. The company's practice areas, as listed on their website:

Sustainable Transportation Services: Creating multi-phase plans for transportation and logistics oriented businesses that reduce an organization's carbon footprint and emissions such as greenhouse gases while using technologies that increase efficiency while creating fuel savings encompasses Emisstar's Sustainable Transportation Services. Emisstar helps clients obtain U.S. Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay certification through the implementation of the program's Action Plan, including model calculations and guide development.

Strategic Advisory Services: Emisstar constantly monitors clean air markets, to identify and predict opportunities for market penetration, development and expansion. By assessing the impact of emissions-related legal regulations, Emisstar can relay the relevant impacts to paying clientele.

Advanced Vehicle Technology: Harnessing available and original technology, Emisstar provides emissions solutions and technology demonstrations for onroad, nonroad, marine and locomotive vehicles and equipment including exhaust aftertreatment retrofits and idle reduction in addition to biodiesel and alternative fuels.

Environmental Compliance Services: Emisstar helps clients meet environmental regulatory compliance standards as set by organizations like the California Air Resources Board (CARB), the EPA and the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).

Incentive Program Guidance: Guiding clients through the constantly-changing rules of State and Federal incentive guidance grant programs (such as the Texas Emissions Reductions Program

) represents a significant portion of the company's services. Emisstar helps clients receive grant funding for vehicle and equipment upgrades, retrofits, and replacements, as well as renewable and clean energy projects.

Project Management: With special concentration on vehicular retrofits, Emisstar puts into effect extensive projects utilizing relationships with dealers and lawmakers with the company's own technical know-how.

Testing Services: Emisstar provides engine and chassis tests through a network of U.S. laboratory-based facilities as well as on-board, Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS) to evaluate environmental performance through measured emissions. These tests can help evaluate the environmental performance of alternative and biodisel fuels, renewable energy and emission-reducing technologies and provide independent third-party verification of vehicle and greenhouse gas emissions.

Projects and Areas of Focus

NYMTC: The New York Metropolitan Transportation Council commissioned Emisstar to create a plan that would reduce diesel particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emissions in the New York City area. Emisstar recommended several measures, including fleet modernization and retrofits, idle reduction support, and use of biodiesel fuel in conjunction with diesel particulate filters while also suggesting funding options.

TERP: The Texas Emissions Reduction Program (TERP) seeks to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions in non-attainment areas through upgrades, retrofits, or replacement of dirty diesel equipment. Emisstar helps clients apply for TERP grants after assessing fleets, performing emissions calculations, and preparing applications while offering guidance through the program's required scrappage and reimbursement phases.

New York City Best Available Technology Project Recognized as the first official implementation of the best technology practices stipulated under New York Local Law 77, Emisstar retrofitted nonroad, heavy duty construction equipment at the Croton Water Treatment Project in the Bronx, New York. This project implements Diesel Particulate Filters, Active and Passive Diesel Particulate Filters, and Selective Catalytic Reduction technologies.

Clean Diesel Technology Nonroad Field Demonstration Program In a partnership with Southern Research Institute (SRI), Emisstar implemented a diesel retrofit project for the New York Metropolitan Area (NYMA) using CARB and EPA verfified particulate matter and nitrogen-oxides emission control technologies. Emisstar evaluated and ranked these technologies through in-use emissions testing of nonroad equipment.

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