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Baffle spray scrubber

Written By Direktur Iklan on Senin, 05 April 2010 | 09.24

Baffle spray scrubber

Baffle spray scrubbers are a technology for air pollution control. They are very similar to spray towers in design and operation. However, in addition to using the energy provided by the spray nozzles, baffles are added to allow the gas stream to atomize some liquid as it passes over them.

A simple baffle scrubber system is shown in Figure 1. Liquid sprays capture pollutants and also remove collected particles from the baffles. Adding baffles slightly increases the pressure drop of the system.

This type of technology is a part of the group of air pollution controls collectively referred to as wet scrubbers.

A number of wet-scrubber designs use energy from both the gas stream and liquid stream to collect pollutants. Many of these combination devices are available commercially.

A seemingly unending number of scrubber designs have been developed by changing system geometry and incorporating vanes, nozzles, and baffles.

Particle collection

These devices are used much the same as spray towers - to preclean or remove particles larger than 10 μm in diameter. However, they will tend to plug or corrode if particle concentration of the exhaust gas stream is high.

Gas collection

Even though these devices are not specifically used for gas collection, they are capable of a small amount of gas absorption because of their large wetted surface.

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