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Global warming - extreme events and weird weather

Written By Direktur Iklan on Jumat, 25 Februari 2011 | 16.00

After a few days to find complete information about global warming, finally I found the article by Andrew Freedman of the "will of global warming make the weather more extreme. " And this is quite interesting in my opinion, you can read the article below:

I've never been a fan of absolutes. People who espouse rigid beliefs - be they about climate change, religion, or politics (or a mix of all three) - instinctively make me question their evidence. As a reporter, I tend to see things in varying shades of gray, rather than black and white, and I gravitate towards stories that are full of nuance and complexity, where absolutes are rarely, if ever, to be found.

For this reason, the oft-made assertions that "global warming will make the weather more extreme" or that warming "caused" a particular severe weather event to occur, make me cringe.

There are core scientific findings in climate science that most climate researchers, and most science journalists, including myself, no longer consider to be hotly debated, such as the conclusion that most of global warming is very likely due to manmade emissions of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide.

You can read more this articel here
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